Fringed Line Design Sequin Thread Embroidered Fabric

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Fabrics with fringe embroidery are used in different parts of a prom or party dress. Sleeves, skirts, jackets or appliques. She started using her artwork dress with our fringe embroidery fabric. Be original!

Style No K446 BM 6374
Evening Dress | Special Occasion Dresses | Apron, Bespoke Dress | Dress, Wedding Dress, Evening Dress | Dress, Skirt, Jacket, Top, Ball Gown, Ready-to-Wear Dress
Fabric Width 127 cm ( ±  3 cm)
Fabric Weight

270 GR / METRE
Total Unit of Measurement Metre
Colour  Custom design
Base Fabric Knitting
Compound %100 polyester
Transparency A Little Transparent
Encounter No pleasant effect
Tissue A Little Soft
Cleaning Dry clean only
Ironing Temperature Temperature

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